If you look back at your life, you can see defining moments where the direction your life took subtle turns that pushed you in a direction that you may or may not have anticipated. Gucci did this for me over 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back since.

It all started after I had my daughter in 2003. I was married and needed/wanted something to do to bring in money while my husband was at work but didn’t want a full time job. I has been selling on and off on eBay since ’98 so I thought I would give their Trading Assistant program a try. I picked up a few clients and was happily selling and making  a small bit of income when one day as I was dropping packages off to ship, an elderly woman approached me after seeing my company signs on my truck.

She asked what the name meant, Old2Sold, and I explained that I sold other peoples items for them on eBay, taking a commission and sending them checks! She loved the idea and asked if I ever sold handbags. Now, at this point I knew a bit about designer handbags but not nearly what I knwo now. I figured maybe she has some older handbags of not much value but agreed to meet her at her home the following week. Any client was a paying client was my motto then!



The First Of Many Gucci Hauls

I pulled up to her home located on a golf course and the place was huge, exactly what you would expect. She met me at the front door stating that she only brought out a few pieces as she wasn’t sure that the brand would sell and if I would be interested. As I walk into her living room, my jaw just dropped. She had every bag made by Gucci, in blue and brown and almost every item from the Accessories collection, all laid out for me. It was like Gucci heaven!

I wasn’t expecting to feel the way I did but just laying eyes on such a treasure literally gave me goose bumps, my heart raced and you would have thought that I just won the lottery! I have never had this sort of a reaction to handbags before but I knew my life would forever be changed,

That day when I got home, I laid everything out and took the above photo. I thought it was gone forever but as I was cleaning out an old computer last night, I found it. I ended up selling over 150 Gucci items for her over the course of about 3 months and the knowledge I gained and the fun I had was the beginning of my love for luxury handbags.

Where and how did she get all these items? Her daughter worked at Gucci and each time a new product came out, she sent her mom two, one of each color!

After I was finished selling her handbags, she referred me to other women and that was the beginning of my love for luxury. I never really wanted to keep anything, just wanted to play with everything and put my profits in the bank! I never did have another score like this but looking at this picture just reminds me of where it all started, how far I have come and the excitement I get when looking into the future.

I believe when you do find your passion, don’t ignore it. Make your move and is you stay true to yourself and always be kind, you will have a very happy life!