Here’s A Resale Gem You Need To Put On Your Radar


With the holidays upon us, not only are you shopping for friends and family, finding a little something for yourself is always a treat! We all know what the major players in this space are up to but you’re totally missing out if you skip past the more localized resale companies. For one, my absolute favorite right now is Bagriculture.

Make sure you hit their website up immediately as the deals they are having for Black Friday is amazing!

“In our retail store we have $199.99 and less section including Chanel, Gucci and LV Bags. Also Our Black Friday pricing has been put on our site, no coupon needed, we started it early, to give resellers a chance to get great inventory.”


Chanel quilted Gray Duffle Bag – $248


Large Gucci Duffle Bag – $449.82


Anthony, the owner of Bagriculture, has been in this space since 2013 and has dominated the luxury market in the New York area since then. While I cannot name the companies, they have provided luxury handbags to the top resale and consignment stores in the US! He told me that up until recently, they have had exclusivity agreements in place but now that those are expired, they have opened up their wholesale side to everyone.

Their flagship store which is located in Forest Hills, New York is the place to go when looking to sell your luxury goods for cash on the spot! They even offer authentications 24 hours a day and when I asked him how, his response was “We manually inspect every item with a few proprietary techniques but whenever we need a second opinion, we use Entrupy.”


Here’s the rest of my questions with Anthony’s answers:

My biggest question for Anthony was where on earth does he get his items?

We have multiple buying centers in NYC, as well as buyers out of state buying on our behalf on a daily basis.

I notice you have a wide arrange of conditions from brand new to well worn. Does this ever deter buyers?

We cater to all socio-economic groups…whether they have a $5 budget for a beat up coach bag, or a $50,000 budget for a Crocodile Birkin

How many locations retail do you have?

Currently 2

Which websites are you currently selling on?

We sell predominantly on our website but also on Tradesy. They have four different Tradesy closets and if you’re looking for amazing deals, check them all out and I promise, you will not be disappointing!


Chanel Camelia Bangle ~ $269.82
What are the terms for wholesale, is there a minimum purchase?
We typically start wholesale at 10+ items.
Do you offer terms?
We understand small business, being one our self, so we are flexible and trying to work with the buyers needs when we can.

What’s the future for Bagriculture?

We are looking to open more retail locations and to work with other small businesses looking to form strong relationships.

Just a couple of notes that Anthony also shared:

-We always pop up with the rarest of rare, that nobody else has…LV Sac Fusion, Chanel Basketball etc
-We have not accepted any investors…so far.
-Our team also speaks Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian.
You can find Bagriculture online and their retail locations below:
Closets On Tradesy:
71-63 Austin St
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 917.650.7249



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