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Since I launched Closet Full Of Cash, I have had the pleasure of meeting some really amazing people in the designer resale industry and I am always curious as to how different business’s operate. Instagram is where I spend most of my social media time and  where I had the pleasure of meeting Allison Hess, Founder of Chicago Consignment. She’s in the process of building her website and at the moment is selling on Instagram, Facebook and Tradesy. This was my reasoning to reaching out to her to ask a few questions about how she sells on these platforms and what the process is like. She was kind enough to oblige!

What inspired you to pursue designer resale and what did you do prior to bring you here?

I began my personal collection from buying and selling online; and then, friends and family had me look for bags for them too. This is when I decided to formalize my business. I love fashion and luxury brands; so, being able to provide someone with their dream bag is very fulfilling to me.

Do you have a storefront or are you just selling online; and, if so, how long have you been selling?

At the moment, we only have online sales, but, are looking to do a “pop up shop” event at a few stores near Chicago. Keep an eye out for updates on that! I personally have been buying and selling for three years. Chicago Consignment has been operating since June of 2015!

You are currently selling on Instagram and Facebook, correct? On Instagram, what is the process; and, with Facebook, have you opened a store, and if not, are you selling off your page or through a group?

Yes, I currently sell on Facebook and Instagram! On Instagram, I try to grow our customer base, provide customers with more information on what we do and post lots of items that we have for sale. On Facebook, I sell primarily to clients that I am close with. I have made many connections with some great ladies from all around the country! I am in the process of opening a store on Facebook which will then allow me to sell directly from our store page!

What are the drawbacks of selling on Instagram and Facebook?

The major drawback with Instagram and Facebook is not having a dedicated page for inventory that allows customers to scroll through and view. Additionally, items are only posted sporadically; and, therefore, customers don’t know when to be on the lookout for them!

How do receive payments and do you accept returns?

All payments are made through Paypal and returns are always accepted.

Whats your favorite, most successful selling platform right now?

Our most successful selling platforms right now would actually have to be tied through the three sites we use at the moment: Facebook, Instagram, and Tradesy. Each have great benefits and also drawbacks as well.

What are your plans for the future, i.e. formal business website?

Our website is in the works right now, it will be launching the spring of 2016! We are looking to double our inventory for the holidays; so, keep an eye out for some new and exciting items!

What makes Chicago Consignment different from other designer resale stores?

We really try to connect with our clients on a personal level and be more than just a “look through” consignment store for them. We are focused but flexible to their needs and strive to provide the best service and sourcing solution for their designer items.

Who are your favorite designers?

Mostly, the usual suspects, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Burberry and am currently in love with Rebecca Taylor’s dresses and looking to get more for our store! I love classic pieces from all of the major designers. I believe that a timeless piece is an investment and a great thing to add to a personal collection.

What are the websites and their links where youre currently selling?

We are currently selling on Instagram, Facebook, and Tradesy! A website is in the works and launching the spring of 2016.

Here are just a few items Chicago Consignment has up for sale (I cannot guarantee availability and each photo links to their Instagram account!)

Valentino Rockstud Pink Flats Chicago ConsignmentsValentino Rockstud Flats

Lous Vuitton Richard Prince Mancrazy Jokes BagLouis Vuitton Man Crazy Joke Bag

Jimmy Choos Chicago ConsignmentJimmy Choos

While Chicago Consignment is not doing anything differently, what they do have going for them is Allison and her passion for authentic designer items. The wonderful thing about this industry is there’s enough room for everyone because no matter what your looking for, no two designer resale companies will have the same exact thing! I’m looking forward to seeing Chicago Consignment grow from Instagram to a major player!

Chicago Consignment can be found on the below websites so check them out!

Chicago Consignment Instagram

Chicago Consignment Facebook

Chicago Consignment Website

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