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In this second installment of the Getting To Know series, I was fortunate enough to speak Fei Deyle of Lollipuff and what an absolute pleasure she is! In case you didn’t know, Lollipuff is the only designer resale company that has the technology to authenticate a designer handbag from just a  photo and with their recent announcement of their authentication services, I would definitely check them out! Oh, if your in the market for a Herve Leger dress, Lollipuff is the biggest online re-seller of authentic bandage dresses.

1) How long has Lollipuff been in business?
3.5 years for Lollipuff, but if you count the original site that eventually turned into Lollipuff, it’s been closer to 6 years. 
2) You have a patent pending technology for authenticating handbags via photos. How successful is this? Which brands can you not authenticate with this technology?
Our software is vital to our authentication process. Without it, there can be a lot of human error for higher quality counterfeits. The software can support any designer brand, but it takes time and investment to add brands. 
3) You just started offering authentication services. Why now?
We wanted to have a superb reputation for supporting authentic items on Lollipuff first. By showing only authentic items for sale on Lollipuff, we’ve proven and shown our abilities in authentication. It was important to us to have this trust and confidence before offering authentication services for other items that may not have been purchased on Lollipuff.  
4) What makes Lollipuff different then other designer resale companies? Why should someone sell on your platform as opposed to another one?
There are 2 main types of resale companies. 
First, there is consignment. Consigning is very expensive for sellers, because there are a lot of additional costs to consigning. Consignment typically charges sellers 30-60% of the total sale price! Plus, sellers oftentimes have very little control over pricing. Also, the process of selling an item yourself has become increasingly easier. Consigning an item vs selling an item yourself can be about the same amount of time and effort. 
Second, there are resale sites where you can list your items yourself. Lollipuff is the only designer resale site to accept a select number of designers and GUARANTEE that NO listings published are counterfeit. Every single listing goes through an authenticity review unlike other resale sites. This means that a seller is protected if a buyer falsely claims that a seller’s item is counterfeit. 
Our seller fee is a very low 9%, and our seller protection from false counterfeit claims is unparalleled in the designer resale market. Btw, buyers have so much trust in Lollipuff, that counterfeit accusations pretty much don’t happen! 
5) How have you seen the industry grow and what does the future look like?
There have been a lot of new sites that have popped up, but the vast majority of them have floundered and never gained a true community. In my personal opinion, I actually don’t think that this industry has changed that much over the last 6 years.  
6) What’s your favorite day to day handbag and is there one you’ve got your eye on?
This is a tough question. I really like the Louis Vuitton alma bag, and my classic Chanel black caviar double flap. The Alma carries more, but the double flap is just STUNNING. I have been in love with that bag for well over 10 years, and I don’t think the feelings will ever change. #soulmatebag 
I REALLY want a black caviar Chanel boy flap in medium size…  
black caviar Chanel boy flap in medium size
7) What does the future look like for Lollipuff and will you be expanding your designer list?
Lollipuff has been steadily growing, so our main priorities is supporting our growing community and continuing to protect buyers and sellers from counterfeits. Over time, we will add to our designer list. 
Fun tidbit: When Lollipuff first started 3.5 years ago, it was just 3 brands: Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Herve Leger! Now, it’s 17 brands. 🙂

To start shopping or selling on Lollipuff, visit their website here and if you have any questions about how their action style listings work, click here.

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