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UPDATE: Designer Vault has closed

In this installment of Getting To Know, we have Christina Samoylov with Designer Vault which is the only designer resale company that only carries one brand, Chanel.

I’ve been such a huge fan of theirs for quite awhile and this is one of the few companies that I stand behind 100% for not only their store policies but their dedication to only selling authentic Chanel pieces. You can check out a few of their pieces right here on Closet Full Of Cash.

1) Your About Me page is pretty thorough as to why and how you started Designer Vault so can you tell me what are the differences you see in the designer resale industry from when you started to now?

The resale industry has completed changed since 2011 when I started Designer Vault. At that time, the only e-commerce resale companies that were in business were directly affiliated with eBay such as Linda’s Stuff and eDrop Off. The idea of a platform that was separate where you could sell your items completely on your own and dedicated 100% to fashion also did not exist. Hence, the emergence of companies likes The RealReal and Tradesy.

2) What are you doing differently to obtain new consignors?

We work directly with our clients to obtain the maximum profitability for each bag. Due to the nature of the business, most consignment stores will accept nearly all luxury brands. However, Designer Vault primarily focus on Chanel. Thus, when we receive a rare bag or limited edition bag, we know exactly how to price it thus, ensuring all items are accurately priced and you will receive the highest amount for your Chanel item when working with Designer Vault.

Christina Samoylov

3) Why should people use Designer Vault as opposed to other resale companies?

I don’t want to toot my own horn but, like we said before, we only do Chanel. Let’s put it this way, let’s say you have a classic car that you believe is worth upwards of $50K and you’re looking to resell it. Are you going to take that car to carmax and let them buy it out from you? Or, are you going to take the car to a company that specializes in classic cars to sell the car, to ensure you get top dollar for the car? The same is true with handbags, we consider ourselves pre-owned Chanel specialist and when it comes to Chanel, you’ll never go wrong choosing to work with Designer Vault.

4) Has someone ever brought you an item that was fake and they didn’t know? How do you break the news?

Sadly, yes this does happen from time to time. It isn’t easy but we identify the points of in-authentication for them. We are also asked to authenticate bags pre and post purchase and will be rolling out this service within the next few months.

5) What is the most replicated Chanel piece?

From my experience, it would be the classic Chanel flap. Although, I am seeing more and more counterfeit Chanel espadrilles although, I don’t believe they come anywhere close to the amount of classic flaps we see counterfeited.

6) What’s the one designer piece you’re on the hunt for and what piece do you regret not buying?

Currently, I’m not on the hunt for anything. I’ve banned myself from any luxury purchases for the rest of the year as I just had a new baby and am committed to paying off student loans. I would say I regret not buying the Chanel China doll minauderie bag that was released a few years ago. I loved it but, couldn’t just the $12,000 price tag.

7) Will you be offering authentication services anytime soon? If so, when?

Yes! We will be offering authentication within the next few months. Our customers are constantly asking for authentications whether they are buying from eBay, friends, etc. and they always feel confident knowing they have a peace of mind when considering buying a handbag. If you’d like to know when this service becomes available, feel free to join our email list (here) and we will shoot you an email when this service is released. We promise we don’t spam you!

7) What do you do in your downtime?

Right now my downtime consists of changing dirty diapers as I have a 6-week old at home. Aside from that, I enjoy reading books whether it’s Power of Broke by Daymond John or Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.

Baby Samoylov

Baby Samoylov

8) What’s the future look like for Designer Vault?

Exciting, as I mentioned previously we are rolling out an authentication service. We’ve just added the buyout option to our website so now, not only can you consign your pre-loved Chanel items with us but, you can also directly sell your items to us. We will also be opening our showroom in San Diego in the coming weeks – so that will be something to watch out for!

You can visit the Designer Vault showroom located at 2734 Loker Avenue West, Suite H Carlsbad, Ca

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