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Introducing the Getting To Know series!

While putting together the Designer Resale Website list, I was confused as to why so many companies have such generic About Me pages or they leave it blank all together. One of the first rules of thumb when you sell anything online is to instill confidence in your customers and there’s no better way to do this then to describe who you are and why you do what you do. A personal picture only adds a layer of confidence and when your trying to sell three thousand dollar handbags, anything you can do to create and foster a relationship with your potential customers is something you need to be doing.

I reached out to a few resale companies asking them if they would answer a few questions about themselves and their businesses and allow me to post personal pictures of themselves. Of course, everyone said yes so now I am starting a new series, Getting To Know.

I can’t say it will be each week but what I will be doing is highlighting a different Designer Resale Company and the people behind it. Each interview is tailored to the business and the q&a will reflect that. I want to have some fun and share what I already know; that these women behind these companies are passionate about what they do and are experts in their fields! So without further adu, this is the first on the series!

Ladi from Carre de Paris

Ladi in Paris

Ladi is the owner of Carre de Paris and is one of the only online retailers selling new and pre-owned Hermes Scarves exclusively. She has two websites, which is where she sells online and which is her blog. There is an absolute wealth of information on both sites so if your looking to purchase an Hermes scarf, there’s no place better!

What is your background?

My background is mostly in Real Estate sales and investments

How long have you been a Hermes Scarf collector?

Collecting Hermes scarves has been literally a life long passion of mine!

What first interested you in the Hermes scarves?

It all started with a vintage Bois de Boulogne, which I stumbled upon by chance and at the time did not even realize that is was an Hermes.  As I love swans, and my favorite color being green – it was love at first sight

Bois de Boulogne HERMES kelly green

How long have you been buying/selling?
I’ve been buying for a looong time 🙂 and have been professionally selling for over five years

What is the most expensive Hermes scarf?

It’s difficult to say, of course the older a scarf, the more rare it is and also more expensive, especially when in excellent condition.  Having said that, some newer scarves can also be very sought-after especially when they sell out worldwide, as was the case with C’est la Fête 70 cm vintage silk carre from 2012.  The value of a particular design can also vary worldwide, as certain designs/artists may be more popular in Europe or Asia than the US for example or vice versa

What’s the easiest way to tell if a scarf is authentic or not?

Probably the first most obvious sign, is the overall appearance of the scarf, the detail, the color saturation and the overall quality of the hem. Having seen and closely examined thousands of scarves, I can typically tell right away knowing what a scarf of a particular issue should “look” and “feel” like should the opportunity presents itself to touch and feel the silk.

The following should be examined carefully: is the hem hand rolled towards the front, is it handstiched in matching silk thread?

Is a copyright present? What does it look like and is it consistent with the issue date, care tag, etc.? The care tag, is it consistent with the copyright and that issue? Is a signature present (some artists do no sign at all).  When in doubt consult and experienced appraisal or take your carre to your Hermes boutique.

Any advice for someone that’s looking to become a collector?
My advice is to collect because it means something to you, in other words collecting brings you joy.  After that educate yourself as much as possible about each and every scarf you purchase or think about purchasing.  Do your research.

Is there a scarf that you’re looking for but haven’t been able to find?

Yes, the Hommage A Explorateur Ernest Shackleton by Zoe Pauwels, 2005. There are many others.  I love the jacquars and the Opera scarves also!

I want to thank Ladi so much for answering my questions and sharing that beautiful picture of herself in Paris. As you can see, I’m no reporter, but at least you can put a name and a face behind the company and she has some great news to share with you!

Starting after the Easter holiday, Carre de Paris will be offering authentication services for Hermes scarves!!!!! Pricing and service details will be able to be found on her website,

You can follow Carre de Paris on Instagram and Facebook


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