Fashionphile announces plans to release authentication app


Fashionphile announces plans to release an authentication app for over 50 luxury brands.

Fashionphile University, the program that Fashionphile has created in-house to teach new employees how to authenticate luxury goods recently announced their plans to release an authentication app for the public in the next six months with over 50 brands.


You know I am all about authentication and have zero tolerance for counterfeits or the people who sell them but I’m on the fence as to whether this is a good idea or not but I completely understanding the rea$oning behind it.

“We’ve spent decades learning authentication, by studying and compiling information. We didn’t invent authentication — the brands technically came up with the features we are using,” said Davis to WWD. “But we centralized a systematic approach to the authentication of all brands and items,” reiterated Davis to WWD

As you can see above, Fashionphile uses microscopes to look at the details of an item and then makes a determination as to whether the item is authentic or not.

Considering they have been in business for years, the amount of images they have must be staggering and on this level, I’m assuming that they have a pretty vast opinion on what they are basing authentications on.

“The concept was born out of Davis’ early days selling on EBay up until 2007, whereby she posted free authentication information including detailed photos and tips using EBay Guides as the platform. Selling guides (now a discontinued service) are meant to inform the shopper.” from WWD

“Many brands and retailers have a difficult time authenticating their own returns. It’s a science and an art that requires not just knowledge of current construction and styles – but every piece the brand has ever made,” said Davis. Yahoo

While Sarah states that the information will come from between 100-150 binders of authentication and the app will be mostly free to use, there will be a paid version for enterprise accounts.

I love that they want to educate the public but I have a few questions:

This is going to be a boon for the counterfeit industry as they will be looking for information to manufacture even better counterfeits. Anything worth creating an app around will have to include several levels of data and images.

For anyone selling a luxury item, unless a certificate is produced, “I authenticated with the Fashionphile app” is not going to mean anything.

I love that it will be free as education should be but what are you charging for? Is there another level that you need to pay to access? Do you count how many times I open the app and charge that way?  Are some brands off limits and I need to pay for access? I say make it all free for everyone to use.

Here’s another thought. Real Authentication was launched by two lovely girls (Anastacia Bouzeneris and Jenna Padilla) who worked for Fashionphile for quite some time and shared with me that nothing was listed on the site unless they authenticated it. So, if they created a whole authentication company and what I am assuming they learned working at Fashionphile, how does this bode for their company now when Fashionphile will be essentially giving this information away for free?

Am I going to download the app when it’s released? Heck yes! I admire Sarah and what she has created and want to support her any way I can.

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