Fake Friday – Front Porch Boutique


Why do boutiques feel that it’s okay to sell dupes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel? Because they believe that if the price is low and they call it a “dupe” its fine. Well, it’s not. It’s illegal.

Front Porch Boutique, located at 2208 Missouri Blvd  and owned by Lisa Stubblefield,  is this weeks Fake Friday recipient for the horrifying dupes they push on their website, retail locations and social media. If you’re not aware of what a dupe is, you can read about them here but it’s basically a cheap looking knockoff of a trademarked, branded item from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and more.

It doesn’t matter that it’s cheap, or they make it look cute for their Instagram, the bottom line is it;s trademark infringement and illegal.

Buying these pieces in bulk from China is a disaster waiting to happen. There are zero regulations in the factories where crap like this is made and with the Coronavirus spreading everyday, are you really going to take a chance buying fake goods because you dont want to spend the money on real

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What kills me is they have a super cute boutique and look to be successful so why would you tarnish your brand by selling counterfeits?

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