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Trying to authenticate a designer bag or accessory has been a slightly archaic process of late that had you either spending hours upon hours on Google trying to compare bag for bag or sending multiple photos to an online “expert” all the while, hoping for the best. As a re-seller, you’re limited to what knowledge you have, even if the bag is in your hands and then there are so may super fakes, even the most seasoned authenticator can make a mistake. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no way to 100% positively authentic from a photo.  But, what if technology used artificial intelligence algorithms to authenticate? Would it work? How would it work? Could it actually authenticate newer Chanel bags which seem to be the unicorn for online authentication experts? Entrupy is answering a resounding yes to all these questions and more with their on-demand authentication tool.



Entrupy Handbag Authentication Chanel Closet Full Of Cash


Let me explain how this works. The Entrupy device takes microscopic photographs of different areas of the bag, then runs them through a computer that uses proprietary algorithms. The computers have been trained to authenticate by looking at over 500,000,000 plus reference photos.. Pretty scientific huh? The thing is, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and all the luxury design houses use the same materials or suppliers over and over again. With the images that Entrupy has (and is continually updating) they are able to compare multiple areas on a bag at a microscopic level for authenticity.  The team behind Entrupy together hold 8 degrees (2 of which are Ph.Ds) and have built complex detection algorithms that it is able to detect everything from leather, fabric, metal, wood, paper, canvas and more.

What’s the process? Easy!

*If you’re a luxury resale company, sign up here. The device is limited to companies only at this point

*Entrupy will schedule a chat to see if your a good fit for the device and if so, the device ships (free!)

*When you receive the device, Entrupy will scheduling a training time so you’ll know how the device works.

*Authenticate to your hearts content!

What’s the process? You open the app on your Apple phone or Ipad, the device connects wirelessly and then the prompts on the app will explain how to proceed. Within 60-90 seconds the bag you just scanned with be verified authentic or not. A authentication certificate stating the bag is indeed authenticate with your business name and any other discerning information will be available for download or via email. See, easy!

After hearing about them, in June, LVMH (Louis Vuitton’s parent company) invited them to showcase the service and to discuss means to collaborate and stamp out fakes. No other authentication agency or “expert” has ever had this opportunity, so this is certainly reassuring for consumers.


This technology is only getting better and better and while at the moment they have the capability to authenticate Louis Vuitton Monogram & Damier Ebene and Chanel (yes, even new bags) Gucci will be launched within the next month or so with Hermes coming later this year. In the last six months, they have authenticated over 3,000 designer handbags and that number sis growing every day!


thefifthcollection Entrupy Instagram

The Fifth Collection on Instagram, an early user of the Entrupy technology

The device and set up fee is $450 – $45 (with code CFOC2016) and the first five authentications are free! After that, each authentication based on which plan you use is $10 in which you will pass that cost onto your buyer. If you authenticate just 40 bags within the first 6 months and charge $20 for your authentication fee, this has paid for itself and has given you a level of credibility no other company can. What happens if the device is wrong (which is less then 1/2 percent) and you sell a handbag that turns out to be fake? Entrupy will refund your money! Yes, they will buy that fake bag from you! You must provide documentation and you have to ship the bag to them but holy moly, no other company offers that kind of reassurance!



Entrupy Handbag Authentication Supported Brands Closet Full OF Cash

Bag, Borrow or Steal, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, Trendlee and Designer Vault are just a few of the companies utilizing Entrupy to authenticate handbags

Online authentication will still have it’s place in the resale industry but giving your customers the confidence, knowing that you are utilizing the latest technology to make sure those handbags are indeed authentic, will put you ahead of the resale race!

I’ll be testing out the device and videotaping authentications in the next couple of weeks and will be sharing on the Closet Full Of Cash Facebook page and Instagram pages!

I also know that with new technology, sometimes it’s nice to see it in person so if you’re in California, I’m taking a road trip with the device and will be stopping all along the way (starting in SF first)! Want me to pop into your store and give you a demo? Shoot me an email and I’ll coordinate my schedule with yours!

To find out more about Entrupy, to sign up or to chat with the company, call 888-Entrupy (368-7879).




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