Part four in a very long series.

In my opinion, I don’t believe they ever do.  It’s a character flaw as I see it.  A way someone has decided to live regardless of the effect on others.  Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

It is not my style to call people out as it’s not my job or policy to police this industry of luxury reselling that we are in.  With that said, however, I have no issue protecting others from harm.

I feel morally responsible to alert others and hopefully prevent any financial harm that could happen, due to being misled by this deceptive individual.

This luxury reseller is located in Canada. I have written several blog posts concerning this individual and his scams on individual purchasers and the financial damage that has befallen these unsuspecting victims. Over the past few years I have been gathering so much vital information including receipts regarding several instances of his destructive scams on others.  

After heavily considering writing about him, today was the day I decided to share this information to make sure that no one ever get’s scammed again. 

To head this off, this seller from Canada has cleverly devised a self protection system for himself when he is working with people/purchasers that he lures.  Clever, no.  Insidious, yes.

It involves extortion as well as threats.  

Below, I have links dating back to 2016 that begin to tell the unfolding of this story.  It was happening fast and included threats on me as well as the tears of many.  My discovery of this back then took me aback and I quickly began trying to warn others of this elusive and corrupt seller from Canada.

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Here we are at Part 4, which I hope. is the last post I do on this subject.

Here is just a beginning taste of how he works:

  •  Removing authentic Chanel serial stickers and placing them on super fakes. 
  •  Posting authentic bags but sending super fakes. 

He recently sold a fake Chanel 19 for $6,000 on 1st Dibs in 2023. It is astounding to me that he continues to get away with this type of activity. 

Fake Chanel 19 sold on 1st Dibs from Carte Blanche Shop…..aka Sammie the Stylist

Here is the most prolific way he scams people off Instagram.

What happens when you buy a bag from him? Here’s his process. 

You see an item on his Instagram (Carte Blanche), maybe a Chanel bag. 

  1. You comment or DM the “business” asking for price and authenticity. 
  2. He responds and asks for your number, you are now BBFs. 
  3. He tells you all the ways that it’s authentic, no authentication company is trustful, he has a team, blah blah blah.  
  4. He showers you with compliments, aggressively calling and texting you until you agree to buy the bag.

You receive the bag and it is a fake. You reach out asking for a refund. Silence. You continue to reach out. Silence. You post on your social media about your fake bag and now it’s game on.

Here are the steps that follow, which are not only surreal but are frightening as well..

  • You will receive phone call after phone call, 30 seconds apart for hours. 
  • You will receive threats, on your life, your family’s life saying remove the post or he will come after you. 

This doesn’t let up until enough threats beat you into submission, fear of what he could possibly do. Establishing the fear, he now has you where he wants you. Please note that. It’s like a game of chess to him.  

You just want your refund of the thousands of dollars that you just gave him. You have no more fight left and you think obeying his orders will be the easiest way out. You have been instructed to remove all negative posts about him. You agree to remove your posts  and he agrees to take the bag back and refund your money. 

That’s not how this plays out though..

You are not getting your money.  At least not yet. You are represented with a document from one of his many lawyers, stating that the only way you will get your money back is to remove all your posts, never ever call him out publicly or say anything about this transaction ever and then you may return your bag for a refund. 

He will also not ever acknowledge that the bag was fake.

This is his usual MO and that is why there is no news about him. He threatens anyone who comes up against him and those threats keep them quiet.  

I cannot tell you how many people have been forced to sign that delusory document rendering these victims voiceless and without protection. 

All because they just wanted their dream bag.

I would like to note, I have a USB filled with videos, screenshots, recordings and so many copies of those letters that people have been bullied and threatened into signing.  All because they were trying to get their money back on a fraudulent purchase and put this behind them. 

I have spent multitudes of evenings on the phone with these poor women, so frightened and scared and unsure of what to do.  That doesn’t even touch the tears, the dejection and embarrassment of the situation they have found themselves in.  

 All because of one (alleged) scam artist.

This is not a brand new event.  As I mentioned, this has been going on since 2016.  I don’t see why he would stop or any way to stop him, other than trying to warn others about him.  

That is the entire reason for this post.To warn anyone doing or potentially doing business with this person. 

Please do your due diligence and make sure you know who you are working with especially with these large purchases.  Words don’t mean shit to a scammer. If you get a bad feeling, pay attention to it.  It will serve you well.

As for the previous victims of this person, they are prevented from speaking up. 

So I will.

Trust me he has not changed.  That fake Chanel I spoke about earlier was sold this year (2023) and I have zero doubts that he has been preying on unsuspecting victims long before it was brought to my attention in 2016.

He still continues this insidious behavior today..

But he’s verified on Instagram and he’s a celebrity stylist!

His fake Stylist post of the actress Ruby Rose at the 2016 GLAAD awards (left). The actual styling posted by Fashion Finder (right)

Last time he was called out by me, I was personally threatened by him stating he would come to my home and hurt me and my daughter. That was enough for me to never meet with him and I also know he is nobody to be dealing with.  He is dangerous.

Who is it? If you have been in the luxury resale industry for a decent amount of time or are from Canada, you should know who I am talking about.

Salem Moussallam or you may know him as Sammie The Stylist or maybe by one of his businesses; Carte Blanche, Snobluxury, Remix back in the day.

Please take heed of my information as I am putting this out to protect others from the same damage received by his previous victims.