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When I come across articles that I think are of value, I always want to make sure I share, whether it’s here on CFOC, Facebook or Instagram.

I recently came across the most definitive post on Coach, breaking the brand down from the beginnings, material, Creeds, leathers, wear and so much more that I had to share this. While it is long and the main focus is on leather, I know that there is a massive group of people out there that strictly only purchase Coach so you’ll get it!

The work that Cyberia Vintage put into this is exhaustive and long but I cannot recommend it more if you love the Coach brand.

Below is an excerpt of the post by Cyberia Vintage:

“You’ve heard of the Coach creed? Well, what follows is our general COACH SCREED. (We were going to call it ‘The Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Coach Leather’…it does have pictures and is extremely long…but it’s just too angry.)

The new Coach/Tapestry, Inc. (name change of conglomerate in 2017, now controls Coach, Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade) is in the process of repositioning Coach as a ‘designer lifestyle brand,’ and we’re afraid the writing is on the wall here –and in the new wording of the creed itself, which now includes the ominous term “Genuine Leather.” The quality of all future Coach bags may hang in the balance. This matters since the essence of what a Coach bag was always came down to one thing: top quality full-grain leather.

Coach demystified

Image via Cyberia Vintage

If you take away, not just the natural full aniline surface (mostly gone since about 2001), but now even the full-grain leather, what’s left to make it a Coach bag at all? What’s left to make it any different from any other modern painted, plastic-coated leather handbag? We feel they’re gutting out and erasing what had been the very essence of those once-excellent bags. Somebody really has to say something. (And no, the new Tapestry Inc. logo doesn’t actually include a black cloud. We just hate them and think it should. Sponsored puff pieces abound, but remember, this is a screed.)

If you already know about the stark quality difference between full-grain full aniline leather and what the modern “genuine leather” wording indicates in the trade, then please tell others right away because many bag-buyers really still don’t know, and we think everyone should. If you’re unclear, look at the diagrams below or see the quick run-down on what “Genuine Leather” actually is from Business Insider. We’re going to get into the details of these industrial processes below, which should make it plain to all that we have every reason to demand more than that from what was once Coach Leatherware.” Continue reading

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