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THE FASHION LAW EXCLUSIVE — Chanel is not a fan of luxury resale sites. Several months after filing suit against What Goes Around Comes Around, the Paris-based design house has named The RealReal in a trademark infringement and counterfeiting lawsuit, accusing the popular resale site of “selling counterfeit CHANEL handbags,” despite its claims that it “ensure[s] that every item on[its site] is 100% the real thing.”

According to the complaint it filed in a New York federal court on Wednesday, which closely mirrors the action it filed against What Goes Around Comes Around in March, Chanel alleges that The RealReal, “through its business advertising and marketing practices, has attempted to deceive consumers into falsely believing that The RealReal has some kind of approval from or an association or affiliation with Chanel or that all CHANEL-branded goods sold by The RealReal are authentic.”

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