What Is Gripoix?

If you've seen or heard the word Gropoix and weren't sure what it meant, I'm here to help! I've seen it not only with Chanel jewelry but other vintage pieces and really didn't have any idea on what it meant so I started doing a little research and found a couple of really great, older [...]

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Complete Hermes Leather Guide

Bragmybag.com has done a great job in creating this Hermès leather guide so I just had to share. I knew a little about the different materials they used but this is an eye opener for sure! You can read the original article here. Hermès Leather Guide Hermès designs their bags with only the finest leather [...]

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How To Authenticate Designer Handbags And Accessories Online

One of the running themes on Closet Full Of Cash is my disdain for fake handbags. I have zero tolerance for them but what I'm realizing more and more is that there are a lot of people out there that just have no knowledge as to what to look for when shopping designer resale or [...]

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Designer Handbag Guides

I'm a sucker for guides, any kind, but especially designer handbag guides and it's always nice to know what either the style of a particular handbag is or what the different variations are. I found all the below on Pinterest from StyleBible and wanted to have them all in one place for myself and for [...]

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How To Shop Safely Online

This is a post that is long overdue and I'm going to break down is the easiest way possible, how to shop safely online. Authentication aside, how you pay is even a bigger deal and if you're not careful you could be out all your money and stuck with an item that could be anything [...]

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All About Me

This weeks Social Media Tip is all about you; as in your Biography or About Me section on your social media profiles. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see over and over again with businesses that are selling via their Instagram or Facebook pages and one of the easiest things to correct that [...]

All About Me2017-01-06T12:20:47-08:00
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