What’s the difference between QR and Data Matrix codes for Luxury Handbags

Understanding the difference between Data Matrix and QR codes in luxury handbags Gucci bags DO NOT have QR codes in them. Period. I have seen this referenced on so many websites and here is where I am going to explain to you the differences between a Data Matrix code and [...]

What’s the difference between QR and Data Matrix codes for Luxury Handbags2023-08-03T21:32:18-07:00

Authenticating Mulberry Handbags

Trying to authenticate designer handbags online is like trying to find a needle in a hey stack so when I come across a great article, I immediately want to share. Some of the information you may already know but have a reference is always great when shopping resale. Material World just sent this one out [...]

Authenticating Mulberry Handbags2016-09-25T14:35:17-07:00

Authenticating Cartier Love Bangles

"Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of the world's largest seller of pre-owned Cartier Love Bangles - Authenticity Guaranteed". I have been a huge fan of Raymond Lee Jewelers for years for the products they carry (Hello Cartier). They have an impeccable reputation for selling only authentic merchandise and they have very authoritative guides on how [...]

Authenticating Cartier Love Bangles2017-01-08T12:32:28-08:00

Authenticating Chanel Jewelry

Designer Vault created this guide on how to authenticate Chanel jewelry which takes you from era to era and points out which markings to look out for. Among her many feats during her tenure in the fashion world including popularizing LBDs, the use of jersey material, and trousers for women- Coco Chanel has also [...]

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Authenticating Chloé

When looking to spend upwards of $2000 on a designer handbag, you want to make sure your purchasing the real deal. A little time spent familiarizing yourself with the different marks from each brand will ensure you're purchasing an authenticate bag at a great price! This post, along with the article on authenticating Gucci, [...]

Authenticating Chloé2020-01-03T23:02:00-08:00

Authenticating Celine

When trying to authenticate designer handbags online or in person, knowledge is key! Familiarizing yourself with the different designer markings, trends and hardware they use will make sure you're purchasing an authentic item. This post, along with the article on authenticating Gucci, was originally written by Sarah Garden at the Short List Dubai. You [...]

Authenticating Celine2020-01-04T08:54:58-08:00

Authenticating Dior

Buying pre-loved items is a great way to save cash on designer labels. But with so many fakes doing the rounds, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Christian Dior handbags are extremely popular, and with prices climbing , it’s important to do your detective work to ensure you’re buying the real [...]

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