How To Authenticate Louis Vuitton Handbags And Accessories

Learning how to authenticate Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories is one of the more harder brands to authenticate but knowing those little nuances, date codes and the correct font will allow you to make sound purchases when shopping resale. Louis Vuitton monogram is the highest selling handbag style and is one of the most sought after also. In resale, they sell faster then most any other brand and this is exactly why knowing how to spot an authentic bag is key. The guides below will help teach you things to look out for in handbags, shoes and jewelry.


Yoogis Closet – Great guide to show the different colors of materials.

Jill’s Consignment – Easy to read Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guide

Spot Fake Handbags – Basic Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guide

The RealReal – Generic Louis Vuitton monogram authentication guide with video

Authentication Files – In depth Louis Vuitton generic handbag authentication, 5 guides total

Guide 1 – Monogram Patterns

Guide 2 – Monogram

Guide 3 – Logo Heat Stamp

Guide 4 – Date and Country Code

Guide 5 – Shapes and Stitching


My Poupette – Quick Top 10 questions to ask when buying Louis Vuitton online

Legos In My Louis – General Louis Vuitton authentication guide (checklist) with photos

Yoogis Closet – Louis Vuitton authentication guide with date codes

Spotted Fashion – Louis Vuitton date code authentication guide

Lollipuff – Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guide – great photos

Fashionphile – Older but relevant Louis Vuitton authentication guides, 4 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Louis Vuitton Multicolor

French Company


Wondermika – In depth Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guided

Material Wrld – Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guide with photos

Vintage Fashion Club – Louis Vuitton handbag authentication guide for vintage pieces



Authentication Files – Louis Vuitton sunglasses authentication guide



Authentication Files – Louis Vuitton Damier belt authentication guide



Here are a few photos to reference the different between fake and real Louis Vuitton