How To Authenticate Coach Handbags And Accessories

Learning how to authenticate Coach handbags and accessories is probably one of the easiest brands to identify. Knowing just a few keys identifiers will help you weed out the fakes like being able to spot the correct font, the Creed not looking like a run-on sentence and the symmetry of the C’s on the exterior of the bag. The guides below will teach you how to spot a fake Coach bag and what to look for when shopping resale.

Real Authentication – Great guide along with photos

Spot Fake Handbags – Generic in depth Coach handbag authentication guide

Authentication Files – Beginners guide to authenticating Coach handbags

Wondermika – In depth Coach handbag authentication guide

Bagtabulous – A Coach history of the Creed

DetectFake – Coach handbag authentication guide with photos through the years

Bag Bliss – Photo authentication guide for Coach bags

Coach Bag – Creed

Coach Logo Symmetry

Coach Stitching

Goodwill – This is an older (2011) Coach authentication guide but helpful

WikiHow – Generic Coach handbag authentication guide

Ebay Daria48 – Fake Coach serial number authentication guide

The Bag Forum – This thread has quite a bit of interesting history on Coach and read all the comments, you’ll learn a lot.



Spot Fake Handbags – Coach shoe authentication guide

DetectFake – Coach sunglasses authentication guide


Photo gallery with images of fake and real Coach handbags


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