A Brief Glimpse Into: Hermès

Thierry Hermés
Year Founded: 
Creative Director as of 2023: 
Pierre Alexis-Dumas
Owned By:
Self Owned
Most Known For: 
The Birkin and Kelly bags
Manufacturing Locations:
Fun Fact: 
The first Hermes bag was crafted in 1922 by heir Emile-Maurice himself. The creation of the piece was in response to his wife’s frustration from struggling to find the perfect handbag and is a smaller version of the Haut a Courroies.
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The Hermès Website

T BS 006
– Year manufactured
BS – Artisan Stamp
006 – Artisan Stamp
ZB – Artisan Stamp

– Year produced
AS644 – Artisan Stamps
AW – Artisan Stamps

X (in circle)
– Artisan stamp
– Artisan stamp
X in circle 
– Year produced

Counterfeit Images

All Hermes stamping is done by hand so anything that looks uniform should be closely examined.

The location of a Hermes Date Code should be accurate for that style of bag. This counterfeit stamping is all wrong.

Counterfeits also include stamping, especially special stamps like this horseshoe stamp on a counterfeit Hermes Birkin.

Not all Hs are the same and just because the H stop is present, it doesn’t mean the bag is authentic. This zipper is counterfeit.