A Brief Glimpse Into: Gucci

Guccio Gucci
Year Founded: 
Creative Director as of 2023: 
Sabato De Sarno
Owned By:
Most Known For: 
The Jackie hobo
Manufacturing Locations:
Fun Fact: 
The GG logo was not created by Guccio Gucci himself but was designed by his son in 1960 to honor him after his death.
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90477 213317
Style Code – 90477
Factory Code – 213317

Style Number – 4443496
Factory Code – 213048

– Month?
– Year? 
– Style?

Contrary to popular belief, Gucci interior tags do not have QR codes on them. These are called Data Matrix codes which work like QR codes but the differences are the looks and the amount of data that can be held on these tags. The authentic example above shows a line on the left and the bottom of the data matrix code whereas, QR codes will not have these lines.

Counterfeit Gucci Images

Gucci has been a mainstay in the luxury secondhand market but as counterfeits have become more sophisticated, narrow in on the small details to determine authenticity.

This is not a font that Gucci has ever used in their handbags.

Counterfeit Gucci material. Always check the GGs in the pattern.

Always check Gucci hardware and how it’s fastened to the bag, unlike this counterfeit which is not secured like it’s authentic counterpart.

Another example of a counterfeit font that was never used by Gucci.

Stamping on an authentic Gucci handbag will always be even, unlike this counterfeit interior zipper pull tab.

Symmetry in the Gucci pattern as it lays across the bag should make sense on not be hugely off centered like this counterfeit and the unmatched pattern from each side.

This counterfeit Gucci engraving is not clean nor in the standard, authentic Gucci font.

This is a very basic example of a fake Gucci exterior stamp on pleather.

An automatic no for all luxury branded handbags.

Inconsistent fonts, double stamping, and an excessive bleed trim makes this a good example of a counterfeit Gucci serial number.

The Gucci font is disctintive and while counterfeiters try and match, this is a good example of a moderate fake but the fonts in this serial number are not consistent with authentic Gucci.

Stitching and fonts should match the Gucci brand, style by style. This counterfeit interior heat stamp in a. Gucci Marmont is a good example of neither that match which an authentic Marmont.