When trying to authenticate designer handbags online or in person, knowledge is key! Familiarizing yourself with the different designer markings, trends and hardware they use will make your shopping experience that much more pleasurable.

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The Gucci crest as we know it got its trademark in 1955. Since then, the logo has been up there with the crème of high fashion.

But with the status (and hefty price tag) come the fakes. Although buying second hand is a great option when looking to save some cash or nab a vintage model, it’s important to ensure you don’t end up with a knock-off.

GG Monogram
One of the most important tell-tale signs of an authentic Gucci bag is the pattern of the iconic web print. It should be evenly spaced and line-up along seams. The web should consist of two inverted ‘G’s and two squares repeated throughout the canvas. Check that the pattern is woven into the canvas, rather than printed on it.

Logo Tab
All Gucci bags will have a leather tab located in the bag’s interior. This is most often stitched to the outside of the inside zipper pocket. The front side of the tab should be embossed with the words “Gucci” in capital letters, with an “R” signifying a trademark, and “Made in Italy” in all lowercase letters.. It is important to note the font, placement and sizing of the letters. As with all embossing of luxury bags, it should be done in evenly using a high quality embossing tool.

Gucci Interior Tag Stamp

Serial Number
Look for the Gucci batch code, which will be on the underside of the tab. This is usually six numbers on top of six numbers. On newer styles the top set of numbers signifies the style code, and the bottom set signifies the color code.
Gucci Interior Tag Stamp

Look out for high quality materials. The metal used will be dense and heavy to the touch, with a uniform color that won’t rust over time. If any hardware is engraved with the Gucci brand name, it should be done in a concise fashion where it is clean and easy to read. The engraving depth should be even throughout all of the letters.
Gucci Horsebit

Gucci utilizes their own-brand of zippers on newer styles. The underside of the zipper should be engraved with the word “Gucci” in capital letters. The font should match that of the Gucci emblem on the logo tab located in the side the bag. The zipper pull will be made using the same material as the bag’s trim, which is most often leather.
Gucci Interior Zipper Stamp

Quality of materials
The quality of materials used in the construction of Gucci bags should be the best of the best, and reflect the high level of craftsmanship that Gucci is known for. The leather is thick and comes from the finest Italian leather tanneries. Make sure the canvas is woven perfectly, with straight even stitching and no loose threads.

If you ever have questions about authenticity when purchasing online, get it authenticated! It’s worth the peace of mind and you can find authentication experts here!