When looking to spend upwards of $2000 on a designer handbag, you want to make sure your purchasing the real deal. A little time spent familiarizing yourself with the different marks from each brand will ensure you’re purchasing an authenticate bag at a great price!

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As the pioneer of ready-to-wear collections in the fifties, Chloé became the label of choice for Europe’s rich and fabulous. A brand favorited by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Madonna and Cameron Diaz, Chloé’s très chic reputation as one of the most popular fashion houses in France is still going strong.

The refined and recognizable handbags are arm candy luxury fashion blogger’s worldwide. But with a huge counterfeit industry infiltrating the high-end fashion world, it’s more important than ever to know what to look for when buying second hand.


An easy telltale signs of a fake Chloé bag is low quality leather, as Chloé uses only the best quality. The leather should be supple and thick, in vibrant colors with the hue evenly spread throughout the entire bag.

Serial Number
All Chloé bags will have either a date code or a serial number located on a leather tab, usually sewn to a seam inside a pocket. The font of this number should be thoroughly checked, as the typeface changes depending on the style and the season that the bag was made.


There should be a hologram sticker present on the interior leather tab. Note that on pre-loved bags, this sticker has sometimes come off over time, depending on how nicely the bag has been taken care of. The hologram sticker will have a series of letters and numbers that will match the hologram sticker located on the authenticity card.


The hardware on authentic Chloé bags should be heavy and of good quality. It should be affixed to the leather body in such a way that is it sturdy and will not break off. Most of the bags use brushed golden brass hardware, though newer styles use shiny gold hardware.

Chloé only uses YKK branded zippers.

As with all high-end luxury items, the stitching should be straight and even. There should be no evidence of glue on the seams.


An authentic bag will have Togo stamped in a clean manner on the interior of the bag, usually on an inside pocket. It should be clear and easy to read. Often s counterfeit Chloé will have smudged or very vague stamping.

Country of Origin
While most Chloé bags are manufactured in Italy, the brand also has factories in France, Romania and Spain. As with all logos, it is important to check the font and typeface of the lettering.

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