When trying to authenticate designer handbags online or in person, knowledge is key! Familiarizing yourself with the different designer markings, trends and hardware they use will make sure you’re purchasing an authentic item.

This post, along with the article on authenticating Gucci, was originally written by Sarah Garden at the Short List Dubai. You can read the original article or more of Sarah’s work here. At the bottom of the post are more guides in how to authenticate a Hermès Birkin.

UPDATE: Fei Deyle with Lollipuff was kind enough to point out a few errors in the authentication guide.

– Modern Celine generally does not use brand zippers, however, it is possible for an authentic Celine luggage bag to use a Lampo zipper. Lampo zippers are uncommon, and most Celine bags with Lampo zippers are counterfeit, but it is possible. Also, the size is not ALWAYS marked on the side of the zipper (sometimes it is blank), but usually is.
-The inside stamping is not always embossed; it can also be an ink print in the hardware color of the bag (silver/gold).
-The leather tag for newer Celine luggage bag’s manufacturing letter and number codes are not always 90 degrees; it can be curved or stamped directly on the inside of a bag near a seam.
Fun tidbit: It is our estimation that more FAKE Celine bags are sold in the resale market than authentic! Celine luggage bags have a HUGE counterfeit issue.

When Céline first launched the Luggage Tote in 2010, there wasn’t much of a fanfare. As designer handbags go, it was reasonably priced and readily available. But Phoebe Philo’s simple design quickly began appearing on the arms of A-list actresses and society darlings.

Spotting an opportunity, the fashion house doubled its variety of colors and materials (and doubled its price) and it exploded in popularity. Owning a Céline Luggage Tote is now a status symbol for the glossy posse. With many discontinued variations, making a second-hand purchase can be a bit daunting.

“Céline” and “Paris” should be heat stamped on the front of the bag, between the two handles. The text should be crisp and easy to read. “Paris” will always be located below “Céline” in smaller text. On the interior on the zipper pocket, “Céline Paris” as well as “Made in Italy” should be embossed on the leather. Counterfeits can be recognized by text that is blurry or faint.

Céline use hardware with an antique-like finish. A dead giveaway for a fake is super shiny hardware. The fashion house also use unbranded zippers, unlike other high-end names like Gucci or Balenciaga. The zipper will be blank, however the size will be mentioned on the end (in a Mini Luggage, this will be the number 8).

Céline stitches should always be straight and taut, reflecting the quality craftsmanship of the fashion house. The leather should be smooth and supple, not plastic. On authentic Celine bags, smooth leather styles will have a matching smooth leather interior. Pebbled leather bags will have micro-suede interiors.

Celine, How to spot a fake, Handbag, Fashion, Interview

Celine, How to spot a fake, Handbag, Fashion, Interview

Leather tab and serial number
All Céline bags from the reign of Phoebe Philo have a serial number located on a leather tab inside the bag. On Mini Luggage Totes this tab will be inside the interior pocket. The serial is written in capital letters with dashes between in this format: one letter, two letters, followed by a four digit number. Corners of the tab should be snipped at a perfect 90-degree angle and the edges of the tab should never be curved.

Celine, How to spot a fake, Handbag, Fashion, Interview