Deanna Thompson, Creator of Closet Full of Cash

Hi! I’m Deanna and the founder of Closet Full of Cash, the first and only website created and devoted to the luxury resale industry.

Throughout my time in the luxury resale industry, my opinions have been published in Fashionista, Reader’s Digest, Her-Age, Southern Jewelry News and Apparel News. I’ve spoken on authentication and the luxury resale industry to audiences at the National Pawnbrokers Association Pawn Expo Conference and NARTS several years in row. I am also the first person to publish 13 authentication guides on luxury handbags, including Chanel and Louis Vuitton, along with creating e-courses and in person authentication trainings on luxury handbag authentication for 30+ brands.

This blog, Closet Full Of Cash, was acquired in 2021 and at the end of 2022, I bought it back!! I am also the recipient of the 2022 Industry Partner of the Year award from the National Pawnbroker Association.

I currently coach and support new entrants into the luxury resale industry (more on that soon) and am always happy to answer any questions you may have about this industry!

You can email me at: and make sure you’re following me @closetfullofcash


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