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On July 22, 2020, I published my third book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Louis Vuitton” on Amazon. I was so excited to share the information I had spent years collecting in this cutting edge reference guide, especially to the small businesses that I work with. To say I was amazed at how well the book was received is an understatement.

A few days after it was released, I was sent a video created by a YouTuber called “A Heated Mess”. I didn’t want to click on her video, as by her headline I knew this was not going to be a good watch for me. However, after some careful thought, I and my colleagues did review the video, where I learned about typos and minor errors throughout the book.

What I learned from this video was that I should have had the book more carefully edited before releasing it to the public.

It is quite humbling to face mistakes you make and on such a very large platform.  Honestly, it took some time to digest this. But what I did realize is that “A Heated Mess” had done me a huge favor.

She thought my book was important enough to not only purchase, but review as well. She not only showed me the errors I needed to correct, but also inadvertently promoted my book to so many that watched her video.

I am very grateful to “A Heated Mess”  for taking the time to shoot a video about my book and providing an invaluable lesson for me.

I believe passionately about the content and while I am not a writer, I am very excited about what I am creating and having the ability to share it with others.

If you purchased the book and are unhappy with it, please do feel free to return it. Since I am now releasing the “edited and updated” version, I have lowered the price until the end of August, to hopefully remedy those who purchased the first edition with the errors.

I want to thank all of you for your support and do hope the information I provide with my reference guides do what I intended, which is to support other businesses in this industry.


Deanna Thompson

Closet Full of Cash

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  • Christine Hasen
    August 15, 2020

    Diana, I still love the book as a reference. I noticed some of the typos but I read plenty of books from best-selling authors with typos. I am not returning the book, nor do I need the amended version. I really just would like to know what the factual errors are so that I can note them

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      August 29, 2020

      There are no factual errors!

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