For the last few years I have been afforded amazing opportunities to speak at several national conferences about the luxury resale industry, how to get into and be successful and authentication. For each of these engagements, I spent months researching and putting together vast, educational presentations always thinking, this would be a great book. Well, that’s what I’ve done.

With the growth of the resale industry in the last couple of years and the sheer amount of businesses and individual sellers on multiple platforms, the one questions that threads through everything is always centered around authentication. Now, I understand that there are hundreds of blog posts sharing tips on how to authenticate but after seeing the same information or posts written simply to drive traffic to make sales, this is when I got serious about educating you, the reader, starting with the basics of the luxury brands we all love.

The chapters in this book are very visually heavy concentrating on date codes/serial numbers and what they should look like along with breaking each down so you can understand how to read them. I put this book together this way so if you’re someone who is trying to learn when a bag was made or what an authentic logo should look like, this will give you a much better understanding.

Each chapter has a brief history of the brand, date code/serial number break down, materials used, top 5 bags, hardware, logos and more!

I have never written a book before and do not think of myself as a writer but education has always been a driving factor for me so with A Beginners Guide to Luxury Handbags, my hope is that you learn a little or maybe a lot about the brands we all love.

You can purchase the book on Amazon and while I’m working on a volume two and several smaller guides, if there is anything you would like me to delve into deeper, let me know here!