A Beginner Guide to Louis Vuitton – The Book


I am so excited to announce the publication of A Beginners Guide to Louis Vuitton, available on Amazon!

This is my third book and also the one I am most proud of. At 140+ pages long and 2000+ images, this is a Louis Vuitton lovers guide to understanding this luxury brand.

I created sections of relevance that I felt would be beneficial for anyone that is wanting learn about Louis Vuitton. Below is just a small sample of what’s in the book!

Limited Editions and Collaborations

Over 500 images and style names

Date Code images from manufacturing locations

I’ve tried to create a reference guide for anyone that is interested in Louis Vuitton and as a buyer or seller in the luxury resale market, hopefully this will be a tool for you to learn more about the brand we all love, Louis Vuitton.

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